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TOUCH TWIN markers
TOUCH down! The next generation TOUCH TWIN markers are finally here!
Designed for detailed work, TOUCH TWIN markers feature an advanced alcohol-based ink formula that ensures rich color saturation
and coverage, with silky ink flow. Each TOUCH TWIN marker features three distinct nibs (Fine, Chisel and Brush nib) to achieve a wide range
of strokes, from fine lines to wide color fills.
Make sure you are getting the best quality that everyone comes and expects from ShinHan TOUCH TWIN Markers.
How to get the REAL TOUCH:
  • Don’t buy from online auction sites! There are NO authorized TOUCH Twin Marker resellers on auction sites.
    There are also reports of counterfeits. ShinHan will not assure the quality of TOUCH purchases from these sites.
  • Contact our authorized partners in Where to Find Us and check
    whether the retailer is an authorized seller of TOUCH TWIN Markers.
When in doubt, always check with us first, at: info@shinhanart.com


An unforgettable TOUCH at an unbelievable
ShinHan Art’s TOUCH TWIN marker are now available in 36 additional new colors for a total of 204 brilliant colors ideal for a diverse range
of uses, from animation, illustration, architectural renderings, and interior design sketches. With a unique fine point nib on one side and a
broad chisel nib on the other, the TOUCH TWIN marker offers artists and designers a greater range of line thicknesses than ever before.
The delivery of ink flow can be perfectly controlled to allow precision drawing. The ergonomically designed rectangular body is roll resists
rolling on work surfaces and provides a perfect grip that avoids smudges and smears. A specially designed safety cap stacks neatly and
prevents damage to the nibs. The TOUCH TWIN marker contains an alcohol-based ink that doesn’t dissolve printed ink toner, allowing
for odorless, vividly colored artwork on printed materials. Refillable ink and replaceable nibs are also available for the TOUCH TWIN marker.
  • Ergonomically designed body for the perfect grip
  • Now in 204 brilliant colors
  • Double-ended with fine and broad nibs
  • The finest control of ink flow, absolutely no smudging or bleeding
  • Odorless
  • Refillable ink and replaceable nibs

TOUCH TWIN brush marker

Get the TOUCH of real brush strokes with a marker
The TOUCH TWIN brush marker features a distinct fine brush nib on one end and a medium-wide chisel nib on the other, allowing users to
express a wider range of techniques. The newly broaden color spectrum of 204 brilliant colors allows artists and designers greater
possibilities and freedom of expression. The innovative and durable design of the nibs ensures they will not lose their firmness over time.
Optimum ink flow and drying rates allow for seamless execution of even the most detailed artwork. Refillable ink and replacement nibs add
to the longevity of the TOUCH TWIN Brush Markers.
  • Ergonomically designed body for the perfect grip
  • Now in 204 brilliant colors
  • Double-ended with brush and medium broad nibs
  • The finest control of ink flow, absolutely no smudging or bleeding
  • Odorless
  • Refillable ink and replaceable nibs

Colorless Blender

A magic tool for gradation
Colorless marker is used for blending, lightening base color, and for a variety of other effects. Apply the color you desire to the colorless
blender, then glide over the image where you wish to create blend.

TOUCH nibs

Our TOUCH twin and brush marker nibs can be replaced and customized to your needs. There are 4 different types of nibs, to help you
keep your TOUCH. Available nibs are available as shown. To keep in TOUCH longer, take advantage of our TOUCH refill inks.

TOUCH refill ink

TOUCH high-quality refill inks help you keep your touch longer. Universal for all markers, the alcohol-based ink is odorless, non-toxic, and permanent on most surfaces. Color consistency is guaranteed with each bottle. The dropper style tip makes it easy to refill markers and
works well for drip effects. Measurements are marked on the bottle, so you know exactly how much ink to use. One bottle will refill an
empty TOUCH marker up to 7~8 times, to help you keep your TOUCH!

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